I have purchased multiple AR-15's from Bare Arms Defense and have nothing but good things to say. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and does everything to make sure you have a good buying experience. The guns shoot fantastic and are well made. If you are in the market for an AR-15 I would highly recommend reaching out to Bare Arms Defense!


Great gun, smooth cycle and amazing customer service. Just came back from shooting and what a well built gun. Thank you again. I appreciate you guys and will be back soon!!

Ty Wayne

Just purchased my first bare arms defense (echo) and could not be happier! The rifle is well built and shoots like a dream. Great customer service! Very friendly, knowledgeable staff! Can't get enough of shooting this piece!


absolutely an incredible firearm and their customer service is outstanding. stop by Bare Arms you will not be disappointed


Awesome new AR, great craftsmanship. Very smooth cycling. Love it.


Love my bare arms defense rifle. Great experience!


So Harry just HAD to show me the new BAD-15 when they released them. First thought: how do I hide another gun from my wife??? So glad I figured it out! Sat down with Harry at work and basically designed exactly what I wanted, from the barrel, to the stock, to the color..and everything coming together awesome. What a beautiful gun and a great shooter right from the get go. Topped it off with an EOTECH 512 scope..great combination! They really nailed it, highly recommend any one looking for an AR to check these out! Also, probably one of the best stocked gun shops around..Great job, Bare Arms!


awesome rifle best quality around will last a lifetime and keep on going would never buy another brand


Outstanding rifle! Accurate and reliable and best of all made locally by an independent manufacturer


love these guys very reliable and trustworthy, and willing to listen and explain things


well balanced light frame. feeds all different manufactured ammo in 223. no miss firing. 125 rounds so far