Why you should purchase ARs from us

There are a lot of wholesale gun manufacturers out there, but few bring as much to the table as Bare Arms Defense. You should purchase ARs from us because:

We have an experienced team
We provide a high-quality product for a reasonable price
We have guns in a wide range of styles and colors
We provide a military, veteran and active law enforcement discount

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As a gun shop owner, you want to make sure you're giving your customers the best products money can buy. If you purchase firearms from an unreliable manufacturer, you can be sure your customers will return unhappy with their purchase.

Take the guesswork out of stocking your store by buying your ARs from Bare Arms Defense. Our small team makes each firearm with the best parts and quality equipment. You and your customers are sure to be more than happy with our products. Contact us today to place a bulk order.

You'll have options when you purchase firearms from us

Our shop manufactures various styles of AR rifles in multiple colors. We have various styles of firearms, available in multiple color schemes. Just let us know what your shop needs and we'll be happy to supply you with the right firearms.

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